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EnviroStripp Chemicals AB offers products and systems based on green specialty chemicals that gently cleanses details.


Efficient cleaning with very good environmental properties.

EnviroStripp Chemicals develops, manufactures and sells chemicals for primarily paint and glue removal but also plastic and rubber removal. The applications can be large industrial as well as small trade-related.

Through our collaboration with Kluthe, we can provide most of the industrial chemistry to the manufacturing industry. More information can be found under Kluthe in the header menu.


Stripp® is the registered product name of the company’s self-developed series of environmentally friendly, biodegradable, products for industrial paint removal, glue removal. Stripp® effectively penetrates the paint or adhesive layer and breaks the bonds with the underlying surface.

Our ambition is to provide rational systems where chemicals are integrated with a sound plant technology, suitable equipment and valuable support. EnviroStripp Chemicals continuously invests resources in the development of new products and concepts. If you as a customer have a specific issue, you are welcome to contact us.

Service & support

In order for you as a customer to achieve the best results, highest efficiency and longest service life with our products, we offer various aids.

Strip Analyzer
An analysis method that provides an insight into the function and stability of the bath.

Quick Test
A simple analysis method for water content determination.

Training and introductory reviews at the customer.

Tests and evaluations of various issues such as color systems or material choices.


EnviroStripp Chemicals AB’s products are often used as baths in dip washers. The size and design of equipment varies greatly, but common is the desire for both simple and rational processes.

Information on both simple and rational processes.

Information on more advanced processes.

Technical information

Here you will find technical information about our products.

Provides a general picture of glue removal – glue types and results.

A general list of how a number of selected plastics are affected by different Stripp products.


Here you will find various publications related to our products.


Remanufacturing requires effective glue and varnish removal.